Sunday, February 19, 2017


It's no news that eating clean plays a big part on losing weight and for an overall health .

I said this before, I don't believe in diets, miracle products for fat loss, I don't believe in eating "cheat days."

My secret on losing all the pregnancy weight??? There is no secret .... Clean eating and Exercise. That is the beauty of the secret, there is none. I gained all together in my two pregnancies more than 100 pounds and lost at all afterwards with dedication and consistency in both eating and exercising, I find that people don't want to hear that and create all the excuses. Yes, its not easy to be a mom, work and take care of your body, but is possible ! Here is a little sample of my meals thru the day.

My morning meals consist mostly fruits  (bananas, apples, blueberries, strawberries , orange, pears)with granola and honey.

Lunch time I will have vegetables, brown rice, whole grain pasta, protein and grains (If I just eat a salad I will be hungry again shortly or craving some high calorie dessert.) So my lunches  are always more on the "heavy" side than my dinners. 

I do like to snack in the afternoon, so a hand full of nuts , yogurt , or fruit is always on my list. I am not going to lie, I do like some tea crackers with Nutella (I am a human too!)

Dinners are always early (yes, I like to have dinner around 6:30 pm). I eat more protein, grains and vegetables.

Fuel the body with foods full of nutrient (not empty calories), so you can have energy throughout the day. And I don't skip any of my meals, each one is important . 

On exercise, I mixed it up. Cardio, Core, Skill and Stretch from MY MODEL BODY® EXERCISE PROGRAM , I practice Yoga too. My goal is always having a healthy toned body .

And of course chasing my kids
around as well. 

                                                                                                 By Pri Monroe


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