Friday, November 24, 2017


A little transformation here my friends, the first picture I am pregnant with my second kid at 39 weeks. I gained 63 pounds , my blood pressure was extremely high ( had to be on medication after baby was born ) . The second picture is a little over a year after my daughter was born. 
Transformation takes patience , dedication , self love , and most important having a GOAL.
So, if you want to lose weight or make changes in your life my first point is for you to define your Goal.

-What is your goal?
-What changes you need to make to start to make it happen?

These simple 3 questions are the base for transformation to happen.
My goal was to lose the weight, get off blood pressure medication , feel good , have energy to play with my kids. So, I started slow with short walks, then runs, then signed up for a triatlhon and just kept going from there. 
My question to you is.... What is your goal???

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by Pri Monroe

Monday, September 11, 2017


" Let food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food."     

When it comes to MY super anti inflammatory foods here is MY favorites



-Berries (strawberry , blueberry , raspberry )

Healthy fat
-Olive oil

Healthy sweet
-Dark chocolate (70% cocoa)
-Raw cacao

Nuts and seeds

-Brown Rice
-Steel cut oatmeal
-Wild Rice

-Pinto Beans
-Black Beans

Herbs and Spices


What are your favorite super food????


Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Its always nice to know an easy recipe for a liver cleanser tea. With fall approaching soon, this one is the perfect easy recipe .

Ingredients are 
-Cayenne pepper (I sometimes skip the pepper)

Boil the water and then add the ginger. On a cup add the honey, lemon, turmeric and cayenne. Its that easy and so good for your body.


Pri Monroe

Monday, August 14, 2017


       Do you want a instant boost of energy?

 I am not talking about a energy drink or a secret pill. My instant natural way to immediately boost my energy and burn some good calories is JUMPING ! Yes, Jumping. 

It sounds silly , I know! But there is some type of magic that happens when my feet is off the ground.
I can do it anywhere , doesn't cost anything and always put me in a better mood. 
It's a simple act , you don't need to jump 5 feet up , just being able to get your feet off the ground is enough.

So, next time you need a boost of energy how about jumping?! Do it and let me know if works for you too. 


Que tal uma energia instantânea ?

Nao estou falando de bebidas energéticas ou um remédio milagroso. Minha maneira de ter energia natural e instantânea PULAR. Sim, pular.

Parece coisa de doido ne, eu sei. Mais tem uma certa magica que acontece qdo os meus pés saem do chão. 

Da para fazer em qualquer lugar, não custa nada , e sempre deixa meu humor melhor.
Nao se precisa pular metros, somente tirando os pes do chao e suficiente.

Entao, a próxima vez que você precisar de uma energia instantânea que tal pular ? Pula e me conta depois.

                                                       by Pri Monroe

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Monday, June 19, 2017


These two photos are almost one year apart. The first one is 2 months after my second baby, I gained 63 pounds on my second pregnancy (45 pounds on the first) and honestly  was doubting myself if my body would go back to pre baby shape. It's a working progress and an amazing journey to see my body transform, it is a slow process but I always say , It took 39 weeks for the body to transform so be patient and don't think the body will change overnight. 

For both kids I had an schedule c-section, I wasn't able to exercise on my second pregnancy besides taking walks with my family. I ate pretty clean thru the pregnancy and still gained 63 pounds!!! Had high blood pressure at the end of pregnancy and even after baby was born. 

Having a vision on what  your GOAL is the key for SUCCESS , mine was to loose the extra pounds and toned my body again. 
Moms out there know that abdominal area is the hardest one to get back in shape due to the amazing stretch that happened for all those months!!! 
I started to exercise 4 months after having the baby. I did not wake up one day and ran 3 miles , it was a slow and caring process.... as I call baby steps. 
MY MODEL BODY CORE exercise is helping my core to get strong and more defined. (To learn more go to )

Clean eating plays a huge part on my transformation. I don't skip meals, I have healthy snacks thru the day.... I don't like the word DIET, I like to call my Eating Plan . So , my Eating Plan is 90% - 10% . 90% of the time I eat fruits, vegetables , grains , healthy fats. The other 10% I indulge on cookies, ice cream , chips and sodas. I want balance in life and yes sometimes I don't want to eat a fruit, I want a cookie so I do it in very small amounts .

Having a husband that is a personal trainer (creator of MY MODEL BODY GUIDES EXERCISE) and a Fitness Nutrition Specialist does help me to be mentally motivated to be in my the best shape, but is up to ME to put my hair up, tennis shoes on and DO IT!

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So the question is, What is your body goals?

                                                                                            Pri Monroe 


Tuesday, June 13, 2017


    The best advice I can give regarding a workout plan is to have fun! Try utilizing all 10 general physical skills (cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, speed, power, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.)

 Learning to play new sports is a good example. Sports and playing my exercise game with others are great ways for you to meet new people. The competition will help keep the excitement in your workouts.

You can never forget about the main reasons why you began training in the first place. While showing off your newly ripped stomach, back and arms isn’t necessarily a bad reason, I sure hope there are many other quality explanations for wanting to get in great shape. 

Like living a long, healthy life or having the opportunity to try new things which require being physically fit. Exercising gives the freedom and flexibility to do many activities such as traveling the world, trying out different activities, starting new relationships and retaking your independence.
 These types of experiences are wonderful realities about being in shape. 

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Thursday, March 23, 2017


     Jeff Monroe is the creator of the MY MODEL BODY® program. He has been a professional model and personal trainer for over 19 years. Some of his past campaigns include Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch, The Gap, Versace, J. Crew, Chaps and Polo Sport. Appearing on covers of Men's Health, Men's Journal and even GQ Magazine with Supermodel Heidi Klum. Jeff has written hundreds of exercise protocols and continues to be a certified fitness instructor to all walks of life - from pro triathletes, famed musicians and actors, police officers and fire fighters, military personnel, All-American athletes to World Champion boxers and MMA fighters. 
Most importantly, Jeff uses his years of experience to train every day men and women that want to look and feel their best. He gives them the education along with the tools and techniques required to reach their individual goals. Achieving short and long-term health and fitness success by guiding them to find their own "model body."
He is a marathon runner, triathlete; IRONMAN 140.6.

              Jeff, what inspired you to create the MY MODEL BODY® program? 

  My inspiration came from listening to the general public.  Year and year I have been hearing the same comments regarding health and fitness.  The majority of people have very busy schedules so they broke it down into their top 5 wish list.  They want an exercise program that is well balanced, effective, convenient, simplistic and affordable.  So I did just that! I call it getting “back to the basics”.   

1. Well balanced:  A mixture of cardiovascular endurance and strength training exercises, along with stretching to improve flexibility.  There is even a wellness packet devoted to nutrition and goal setting.  The perfect balance of daily exercise and healthy eating. 

2.  Effective:  The first exercise game of its kind that is school inspired.  You get points and even a grade (A-F) that will help you know where you are at and continue to keep you motivated week after week.

3.  Convenient:  Many hate the drive time to and from a gym or yoga studio.  So I developed this game to be completely portable, which gives you an advantage in time management skills.  You can now skip the drive time by being able to play anywhere at anytime.

4.  Simplistic:  The exercise game is broken down into 4 categories – Cardio. Core. Skills. Stretches.  Each category has 20 different exercises with separate posters demonstrating proper form.  The flash cards have a specific name, time limit and motivational quote.  There are even two physical fitness tests that will allow you to see your progress, not to mention, these games are fun to play alone or with friends and family. 
5.  Affordable:  I wanted to make this exercise game so affordable that practically anyone could purchase it.  My game is 1/3 the price of others seen on infomercials, not to mention, less than a single personal training session at a gym.  I even developed the MY MODEL BODY® TIMER application.  Customers can download it at no addition charge at the App Store or Google Play.  The shipping and handling to your front door is free too! 


These next questions are for both you Jeff and Priscila, what motivates you to stay in shape?

Jeff-   To live a happy, healthy life is what motivates me to stay in shape.  I want to stick around for a long time.  Not only for my sake, but also for my family.  I want to share in as many life experiences as possible with them.  Daily exercise and healthy eating habits will allow me to do just that by staying disease free and vibrant.

Priscila- To have a long happy and healthy life.

How often do you each work out and what is your fitness routine? 

Jeff- I work out for 60 minutes per day.  That may consist of a 45-minute session or a 75-minute session.  But in the end, all my training sessions seem to average out around one hour.  I only use my body weight to exercise.  I swim, bike and run once per week while using the MY MODEL BODY® Game.  I great combination to keep me looking and feeling great!

Priscila- I workout 4-5 times a week. Doing CARDIO, CORE, SKILLS, STRETCHES from MY MODEL BODY® Game, and taking yoga classes, running, biking and swimming .


                                            Do you watch what you eat? 

Jeff- I wouldn’t necessarily say I watch what I eat, but I am definitely aware of everything going in my mouth.  I don’t count calories; I just make calories count.  To me, it’s a lifestyle.  And it needs to be a lifestyle if you want to keep the positive habits long-term.  As a certified personal trainer, I already know what most foods contain and how nutrient dense they are.  99% of the foods and beverages that I eat are healthy.  Water based foods followed up by a lot of water consumption.  You need to make eating and exercising enjoyable if you want it to last.  The key is to not over think it.  And that’s pretty much what my fitness game is all about:  Taking action, keeping it simple and having fun!

Priscila- I can say that I eat everything, but mostly my meals are very healthy (lots of greens, grains, fruits), but if I want to eat some dessert I will eat in small quantities. Everything in balance.

            What is your advise to parents juggling kids and staying in shape? 

Jeff- My advice is to be consistent.  I fully understand the hours seem to disappear throughout the day.  Work, spouse, kids… the “to-do” list never seems to end.  So in the end, it’s about making you a priority.  True wealth is all about health.  If you are not healthy, you can’t go to work or take care of your family.  Nor can you share in so many other great experiences in life.  So make time to decompress, set aside one-hour per day to exercise with the MY MODEL BODY® Game.  This will pay off big-time by allowing yourself to get in the best shape of your life.    

Priscila-You have to make time to exercise. The great thing about Jeff’s MY MODEL BODY® game is that I don’t need to leave the house to exercise, so if my son and daughther are playing or taking a nap I get it done from home.

Priscila, you look amazing! What was your fitness routine after having your adorable baby boy Major and what’s your advise to other women who have just had a baby and want to get back in shape? 

Priscila-First is to respect your body. I gained 45 pounds with my pregnancy, and I knew it wouldn’t come off the moment I had him. I started slow after he was born. I had him via c-sec so I focused a lot on making my core strong again. It’s very rewarding when you start to see results. But just wanting to get your body back is not enough, you need to make it happen.


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