Monday, June 19, 2017


These two photos are almost one year apart. The first one is 2 months after my second baby, I gained 63 pounds on my second pregnancy (45 pounds on the first) and honestly  was doubting myself if my body would go back to pre baby shape. It's a working progress and an amazing journey to see my body transform, it is a slow process but I always say , It took 39 weeks for the body to transform so be patient and don't think the body will change overnight. 

For both kids I had an schedule c-section, I wasn't able to exercise on my second pregnancy besides taking walks with my family. I ate pretty clean thru the pregnancy and still gained 63 pounds!!! Had high blood pressure at the end of pregnancy and even after baby was born. 

Having a vision on what  your GOAL is the key for SUCCESS , mine was to loose the extra pounds and toned my body again. 
Moms out there know that abdominal area is the hardest one to get back in shape due to the amazing stretch that happened for all those months!!! 
I started to exercise 4 months after having the baby. I did not wake up one day and ran 3 miles , it was a slow and caring process.... as I call baby steps. 
MY MODEL BODY CORE exercise is helping my core to get strong and more defined. (To learn more go to )

Clean eating plays a huge part on my transformation. I don't skip meals, I have healthy snacks thru the day.... I don't like the word DIET, I like to call my Eating Plan . So , my Eating Plan is 90% - 10% . 90% of the time I eat fruits, vegetables , grains , healthy fats. The other 10% I indulge on cookies, ice cream , chips and sodas. I want balance in life and yes sometimes I don't want to eat a fruit, I want a cookie so I do it in very small amounts .

Having a husband that is a personal trainer (creator of MY MODEL BODY GUIDES EXERCISE) and a Fitness Nutrition Specialist does help me to be mentally motivated to be in my the best shape, but is up to ME to put my hair up, tennis shoes on and DO IT!

For more info on my other exercise go to

So the question is, What is your body goals?

                                                                                            Pri Monroe 


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