Friday, November 24, 2017


A little transformation here my friends, the first picture I am pregnant with my second kid at 39 weeks. I gained 63 pounds , my blood pressure was extremely high ( had to be on medication after baby was born ) . The second picture is a little over a year after my daughter was born. 
Transformation takes patience , dedication , self love , and most important having a GOAL.
So, if you want to lose weight or make changes in your life my first point is for you to define your Goal.

-What is your goal?
-What changes you need to make to start to make it happen?

These simple 3 questions are the base for transformation to happen.
My goal was to lose the weight, get off blood pressure medication , feel good , have energy to play with my kids. So, I started slow with short walks, then runs, then signed up for a triatlhon and just kept going from there. 
My question to you is.... What is your goal???

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by Pri Monroe

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