Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Why exercise????

By now only if you have been living on Mars you haven't heard that exercise is good for overall health . Sometimes I feel like a broken record, but I woke up inspired today, so I will list some great reasons people should get more active.

  • Lose baby weight (yes, after gaining 63 pounds with my second baby)
  •  Helps maintain a healthy body weight and reduces abdominal fat. (muffin-top anyone?)
  •  Helps increase muscle mass, strength and power.
  •  Helps maintain bone health and improve join function.
  •  Reduces risk of cardiovascular disease , coronary heart disease and stroke.
  •  Reduces risk of diabetes .
  •  Reduces risk of depression, distress and dementia.
  •  Improves sleep. (trouble sleeping lately??)
  •  Improves self-esteem and feeling of energy.
  •  Improves overall quality of life.

I can tell you the reasons I exercise is all the above. Yes, I do have more energy when I exercise. It's easier to fall asleep , it is very rewarding to see some new muscles that I didn't see it before, it feels good to be stronger , run faster, jump higher ... The truth is, I want to be healthy and in good shape. 

If you only pick one of the above reasons to be your inspiration today I will be happy. 
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by Pri Monroe

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