Monday, March 23, 2015


 Trying to get in shape can be frustrating. There are instances when a person feels like he or she is doing everything right, yet the desired results are not being achieved. This situation can occur many times throughout the weight loss process.

 However, frustration isn’t necessarily a bad emotion. It is actually a good feeling to have at times. Think about it. When I feel frustrated it means that I know my goals can and will be accomplished, but it’s just not happening in the time frame I initially set up. The deadline I originally agreed to has passed, which intensified the emotion, almost to the point of failure.

 Even so, I am only feeling the emotion of frustration and not disappointment. There is a big difference between the two emotions. Rather than quitting and giving up hope, my mind is telling me that I can still do it. I just need to give my goals more time and effort.
 Let’s be real, there are always going to be temporary setbacks along the way, so realize that fact ahead of time to help minimize any negative emotions such as depression, disappointment or guilt.page49image23792

There are many different emotions that people will face when trying to get in shape. Frustration will simply be the one emotion that kicks in when you are not getting what you want, when you want it. My best advice is to not set a specific deadline that isn’t realistically obtainable. You will be setting yourself up for undesirable outcomes.

 The right way to deal with frustration is to keep your faith alive and to believe in yourself by having a positive attitude, patience, dedication and a high level of self-determination. Just put your game face on, posture up and tell yourself repeatedly,
 “ I can do this.” 

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