Thursday, February 12, 2015



Priscila Monroe for Macys lingerie 
Lets step back for a second , because a lot of you must to be thinking ... I don't believe her.

Yes, I am a model, my height is 5'9 half and I weigh 130 pounds (59 kilos). I am not the stereotype runway super skinny model. I am a healthy person , have muscles and body fat. 

I don't believe in diets, I don't believe in miracle fat loss. I don't believe in "cheat eating days" .I believe in eating healthy and exercise is that simple.I believe depriving and constantly telling yourself you can't have something creates craving .

Do I eat fast food, process food, fried food everyday?
But for example I am on a road trip and fast food is the only option I will eat it. If I want some ice cream I will have a couple bites (not half or the full pint ), cookies.... yes , I will eat one or two and put the bag away, bread on restaurant if I think is good one I will try but not eat the whole basket, popcorn at the movies? Absolutely, but the kids size.

A word that I always go by is BALANCE. 

With that said, the food I put in my body is mostly healthy, full of nutrients . Eating clean healthy food just make your body be and feel good.

The key for eating healthy is to buy healthy foods. If you have junk food all over your house and work guess what? You are going to eat it. So be smart and don't have it around.

Let's ENJOY LIFE, meanwhile eat mostly healthy.
                                                                                                       by Pri Monroe

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