Monday, January 12, 2015


On a trip to the grocery store today got me thinking how simple is the saying " YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT" and we still have around 78 million obese Americans.

Every meal we have the chance to choose what to feed our bodies , and the sad reality is that most people in America and around the world (sadly too!) is choosing process over fresh. 

I do understand that with our lifestyle is getting harder and harder to cook a fresh meal, but there are plenty of choices out there to have a well balance e healthy diet.

 How hard it is to open a avocado and have as a snack instead of french fries? How about a banana over a bag of chips? An apple over a cake?

Exercising alone is not going to help, what you choose to eat is the key for a healthy life. Think twice before your meal and snack today. Good luck, I hope you choose the avocado :) because in the end....YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.

                                                                                                   By Pri Monroe

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