Thursday, January 1, 2015


There is only one way people can ever truly fail when it comes to a workout schedule. It is if he or she simply quits working out. Let’s face it, many things in life take time and that’s why it is important that you give it your best shot and not give up. Besides, those little road bumps may actually be what help the most when trying to achieve a specific result. With that said, I don’t believe in failure. I would basically call that kind of situation a temporary setback while pursuing a desired ambition.
Believing in failure is the best way to ruin any chance at accomplishing a fitness goal. Fear of failure is one of the greatest limitations for most individuals. Many people in society are afraid of the unknown and what might come from it. This is exactly why the key is to embrace a goal, not be scared of it or what might occur from not achieving it on the first, second or third try. Honestly, I don’t understand people that speak about how their biggest fear in life is failing, because in reality, there’s no such thing as failure. There are only results. Every action we do produces a result. So sure, a certain action may produce an undesirable outcome, but that doesn’t constitute in failure. Dedicated and motivated people will just try different actions, which in turn will produce different results. The key is to pay attention and learn from each outcome. This will allow you to gain priceless knowledge from every experience in life. 
With that said let's make the most of 2015! Let's be POSITIVE , make things happen!!!!! We started our year good, biked for 1 hour and yes after that my legs were so heavy!!! Than it was time for some CORE AND SKILLS. First of the year done! 

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