Monday, December 29, 2014



Let's talk about ABS!!!
The first pic is me before baby. As a lot of women know, our bodies change a bit after kids! Especially the abs, I found myself working a little harder to get them back these days :)

Today I decided to do a little bit of CORE, I picked 3 CORE exercising cards and to time it I used MY MODEL BODY TIMER® . Repeated 5 times with 30 seconds of rest between . Besides some core (I did it at home ) I went to the gym and did 35 min biking (since is cold to bike outside). I am taking easy on myself until 2015!!! When I will be posting more exercises and some of my eating tips.
With the MY MODEL BODY ® exercise program you can have a total body workout, today I choose just to do my core, it's great ... I mixed up all the exercises and was working all the muscle groups on my core, like I said before after I had my baby I have focused a lot on my abs so I am really happy with the results I am getting.
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                                                                                                               By Pri Monroe

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