Sunday, February 28, 2016


I have been modeling for more than half of my life and my first beauty secret is SLEEP.

This one you can't buy on the store and there is no price for it. A lot of people like the saying " I'll sleep when I am dead." , I personally don't really go by that. I love my sleep, and when my body had a full night of rest and is recharged I live my days at the fullest.

I travel with my "travel pillow" everywhere. For me, having my comfy pillow is a guarantee good night sleep. 
With my busy modeling schedule I have to travel often on  the "red eye" (a flight departing late at night and arriving early next morning) , and have to be set modeling early that day. Trying to get as much sleep on a plane is not the easiest task (especially when you have talkers sitting around you ), but I always made the most of to be comfortable and get some hours of sleep. The true is, most of the days I don't have a full night of sleep I fell a "little off", drink way too much coffee and crave sugary and high calories food.

A lot of times on a job the crew would ask me "what are you doing after the job?" and my answer is always workout and sleeping early.

For me cutting caffeine at lunch time , turning off electronics, taking a warm shower always put me on the rest mode.It's recommend 7-8 hours for an adult. My perfect sleeping hours number is 9 hours. If I can get more... yes I will take it.
Because I am always better when I get my "beauty sleep". 

                                                                                                                         By Pri Monroe

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